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The Bales Trust Bank

Easy, fee-free banking for entrepreneurs and offshore services

Bales Trust Bank offers fee-free banking tailored for entrepreneurs and specialized offshore services. With a focus on supporting financial growth, the bank eliminates unnecessary fees like transaction charges and monthly maintenance costs. Geared towards global expansion, EntrepreneurBank provides innovative tools and secure, private banking solutions. Account setup is quick and straightforward, with streamlined onboarding processes. The bank's expert team offers personalized guidance for navigating international banking and offshore services. Entrepreneurs can access a wide range of services, empowering them to take their ventures beyond borders. EntrepreneurBank aims to be the ultimate financial ally for ambitious business owners seeking a seamless and prosperous banking experience.

Bales Trust Bank is a member of Premier Capital Financial Technology Limited, a company duly registered.Our investment professionals invest savers funds in financial instruments and manage the investments to ensure optimum return.



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Customer support

Our top notch customer support team is always ready to respond to your concerns.

Ultimate Security

2FA verification on login and registration. Our platform is SSL encrypted and hosted on Digital ocean and cloudways encrypted servers.

Fair Transaction Fees

Our Local and International transaction fees are low.